Pei-San Ng


Nebulous Connections

Collaborative Window Installation with Amie Sell and Stacy Peterson.

This collaboration explores the Golden Age, the era that we are just waking up to. It is a time of unity, harmony and prosperity.

This concept evolved from a trip to Creative Reuse Warehouse with the aim of constructing an art installation made of recycled materials. Using leftover industrial hardware and metal wires, the parts were woven together to create connections, building something bigger than the single item. The nebulous, cloud shapes are a visual representation of how people work together to create communities, social networks and how molecular structures build. It is also a play on cloud computing which relies on the sharing of resources rather than storing information on local servers. A wholeness or oneness is created out of the individual pieces. And in the  words ofAristotle, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.