Pei-San Ng


Fossil “Tinstallation”

Words Inside of Words – collaboration installation with Nathan Peck. This “Tinstallation” was commissioned by Fossil for their 30th Anniversary event held on May 3, 2014 at Nordstorm, Oakbrook IL.

Midwest, the folksy, small town center of our country hides the word “WE”. Chicago, the departure point for Route 66 and the nations crossroads always ends with the command to “GO”.

We want to explore these words inside these words by creating little places inside of the letters. Little dioramas inside of WE and GO will further accent those words visually but also give the viewer a macro / micro experience as they are drawn into these little spaces.

Concept-The word WE, for example will champion the friendly and communal spirit of the small town focusing on images of people and mirrors reflecting its Midwestern audience. Road signage factoids in the word GO will inspire the wanderlust that has driven our people to continuously travel the open road.