Pei-San Ng

01-stitchResult: On glass surface, a meandering path formed by two low-segmented lines/ fence that touch and crosses each other at times.  On the underside, an archeological form that corresponds with the line path above.04-line-model-plan03-line-eye-level05-line-plan06-line-xray07-p-axo08-p-close-up09-p-close-up-h09-p-plan10-p-xray11-v-axo12-v-elev13-v-closeup214-v-assembly15-v-elev16-v-plans

Lines, Planes and Volume

Evolutionary Process Study of line, plane and volume is inspired by this art piece that I’ve made. My overall concept is to generate distinctive forms by starting with two arbitrary curves. Through small incremental changes, I’ve extrapolated these instinctive curves into lines, planes and volumes.

For each project, the repetition of process in generating the various forms is crucial in understanding what constitute a line, a plane and a volume.

Utilizing lines only to create a path on a 60’ x 60’ site.
Utilizing planes only to create a path and a hearth on a 60’ x 60’ site.
Utilizing volumes only to create a tower on a 60’ x 60’ site.


Archeological Line
Topographic Plane
Exoskeletal Volume